Information for Mentees


Mentee FAQs

What support can I go to my Mentor for?

Your Mentor is there to provide guidance and signposting when you need it. They should be someone you can trust to direct you to a useful service, or answer any general questions you have about the University or Union. This may be about academic issues, it also may be mental health or physical health- it may be just to ask them about the best clubs to go in Leicester! If you are unsure about where to go or what service to use, your Mentor should be able to send you in the right direction.


How do I know who my Peer Mentor is?

You will be contacted by your Mentor in an email, where they will introduce themselves. You will also have the Meet Your Mentor event at the start of the year, where you will meet your Mentor in person. If you haven’t heard from your Mentor in a while, or you have not been contacted, just get in touch with the Peer Mentoring team at to find out who your Mentor is and how to get in touch. You can also email this address if you wish to change Mentors.


Can I ask my Mentor to meet me?

Definitely! We encourage both Mentor and Mentee to reach out and arrange to meet face-to-face. We match you with you Mentor both by degree subject but also by a number of other characteristics, meaning hopefully you will have lots in common and become good friends. If you wish to be matched on specific characteristics, such as having a dyslexic Mentor, or someone that speaks another language, we welcome you to email to let us know.


What do I do if my Mentor has not emailed me to begin with or has not responded to my email?

A: At the beginning of the academic year, the Lead Mentor in your department will email you to introduce themselves, if you are having issues with your Peer Mentor, then this is who you should contact. For further information on what a Lead Mentor is, follow the link here. If you are unable to get in touch with your Lead Mentor, or find yourself requiring further support, please email the Peer Mentoring Team on


What do I do if my Mentor sends me incorrect information regarding our course?

If you notice that incorrect academic information has been sent to you, you should notify the Peer Mentor so that they can find the correct information and share this with the rest of their Mentees. Alternatively, email your Lead Mentor to let them know, they will be able to direct you to the correct information. For further information on what a Lead Mentor is, follow the link here.


Do I have to contact my Mentor?

It is up to you how much you engage with your Mentor, they are there to support you if you need it, but you have no obligation to reach out to them otherwise. We recommend you attend the Meet Your Mentor event at the start of the year so you understand what the scheme is about and to give you the chance to meet your Mentor in person- this may change your mind! Alternatively, opt out here.